If you haven’t used our free CAD software – Protocase Designer, there’s no better time to give it a try. While there are several different ways to work with us to have enclosures, panels or parts custom-manufactured, many of our customers rely on this software. With Protocase Designer, you can easily and quickly achieve your design goals by designing exactly what you want made. Plus, you can get instant quotes along the way and order when you’re ready.

With Protocase Designer’s dozens of templates for enclosures, panels and brackets, each customizable by material, size, color and more, we’re always striving to make the software as useful as it can possibly be. We’ve actually just released a new version of Protocase Designer with new features to help you design your custom enclosures, parts and panels even faster.

Here are three new things you can do in Protocase Designer:

  1. Now you can create machined pockets right in Protocase Designer

Machined pockets are indented areas on a panel or enclosure, which are made using a CNC router or CNC mill. They are most commonly used to have components sit flush with a protruding face, such as an LCD display.



  1. Streamline your work with the Array Tool

The new Array Tool allows you to create a linked group of particular objects (such as cutouts, fasteners, images and more) in a particular pattern. This is super useful for keeping alignment and maintaining even spacing between objects in your design.


  1. Export your design as a STEP file

Import your project into other CAD software including SolidWorks with this new feature of Protocase Designer. Once you have completed a design in Protocase Designer, you can export your Protocase Designer Assembly file (.pda) as a STEP file for archiving purposes.


Why not try Protocase Designer and all of these new features for your next project? Remember, if you want custom enclosures, panels and parts built by Protocase, using Protocase Designer to design your project is the fastest way to get your order processed and ready to be built.

Downloading Protocase Designer is as easy and time-saving as the software itself! Just click here, choose the appropriate file and run it.

As always, we always welcome your feedback – if you have any features or improvements you’d like to share with the Protocase Designer team or if there are any tutorials you would like to see, please email info@protocasedesigner.com.


About The Author

Christa Carey

Christa Carey has been with Protocase since the very beginning. In fact, she was the first employee the company hired back in 2002, after working for the Protocase co-founders in a previous job. She graduated in 2000 from Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia, Canada. As the CNC Engineering and Design Services Technical Services Manager, Christa manages a team of engineers and technologists in the CNC Machining Division.

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