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Cold Metal Transfer Welding at Protocase

When it comes to custom sheet metal parts and enclosures, welding can solve a whole host of design challenges. That’s why we offer various welding processes as part of our custom manufacturing, including spot welding, seam welding, fillet welds, plug welds, and tack welds. But without deploying the right welding methods, the process of welding light-gauge sheet metal can be…

When Protocase first launched in the early 2000s, our mission was to create a custom sheet metal manufacturing experience with fast leadtimes that was unbound by minimum-quantity requirements. Our two co-founders - Steve Lilley and Dr. Doug Milburn - knew from their own experience as mechanical engineers how it felt to have a project stall because a fabricator wouldn’t make…

Many of our design resources and tips are aimed to help you work within our manufacturing capabilities and make the best decisions for your specific requirements, in order to end up with a result that is both functional and beautiful. One aspect of a design that can be absolutely critical is budget constraints. Depending on your project’s goals, your industry and even your company’s status in the marketplace, coming in under budget can be the most crucial part of your design.

This blog post will outline some steps and measures you can take to help you save budget while ensuring you end up with a design that functions as intended.