About Us

Protocase delivers a whole new experience to engineers and design professionals by delivering custom electronic enclosures with unmatched speed, simplicity and service.

Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale


Clients will receive an eDrawings for approval prior to the order entering production. By approving the eDrawings, the customer grants Protocase approval to begin manufacturing. It is understood that the enclosures you order were not designed by Protocase Incorporated, nor does Protocase Incorporated have any control over their use or misuse once delivered to you.

If Protocase Incorporated staff helps you create or modify a design, or offers suggestions or advice in any other way, such suggestions or advice are to be regarded as general suggestions only, and offered without responsibility for errors or omissions.

Timely performance is dependent upon Purchaser providing any requested information to Protocase i.e. drawing approvals, commercial documentation etc.


Orders are to be paid by credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Net 30 terms are available for repeat customers provided credit is approved by Protocase. Credit Card fees may be applicable.

Fabrication Tolerances

All goods shall be fabricated to the standard tolerances published here. Protocase shall only be bound to customer-specified tolerances if explicitly agreed to in writing.


Orders will typically ship within 2-3 business days, ARO and customer approved eDrawings. Protocase cannot be held responsible for any delays caused in shipping once goods are in transit. All jobs are quoted FOB Point: Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. We ship the products by express courier unless otherwise notified to us.

If Protocase suffers delays in performance due to any cause beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to fire, flood, acts of God or delay in obtaining materials Protocase shall not be liable for any incidental and/or consequential damages.


Once your order is received, if, for any reason, you must cancel your order prior to it entering production, you will be charged either 20% of your order or $75, whichever is greater. We regret we cannot accept order cancellations once orders have entered production.


Protocase warrants supplied goods will be free from manufacturing defects for a Period of 90 days. Goods are manufactured to the tolerances specified on this website. Protocase and its suppliers will not accept responsibility for goods improperly stored or handled. It is your responsibility to fully inspect all received goods for defects in fabrication, accuracy, missing items, and any other matters that could affect safety. All goods must be inspected within 7 days of receipt, and Protocase must be notified of missing or defective goods within 24 hours. As a remedy, Protocase will either a) replace missing or defective goods, or b) provide a credit for the value of missing or defective goods. We regret that, due to the custom nature of our business, Protocase cannot provide refunds. Protocase is responsible for the cost of shipping replacement goods to customer. Customer is responsible for cost of shipping returned goods to Protocase.

Warranty for Protocase service’s on customer-supplied parts

We are pleased to offer many services such as powder coating and screen printing on customer-supplied parts. We strive to attain a high quality of our services, by carrying out such with the utmost of care, and in accordance with our standard procedures. However, in the event that defects occur, the available remedy is limited to rework to the best of our ability, or in the event that satisfactory results cannot be obtained through rework, the available remedy is limited to refund of fees charged for the service. In no circumstances will Protocase be liable for damage to customer supplied parts.


In the event of a dispute the laws of Nova Scotia, Canada apply. Any litigation shall take place in that jurisdiction.