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We strive to make the design process simple for you, whether you are an expert in enclosure design, or an electronics professional who is experiencing custom enclosures for the first time. Click on the tabs below to learn more.

Automatic Enclosure CAD Template Generator

The Template Generator is a free, easy-to tool to help you design faster, because you’ll be starting with a design that can be manufactured by Protocase. We’ll design a blank enclosure in your required material and dimensions, and email it to you.

Open the blank template in your CAD software of choice, and customize with cutouts, fasteners, brackets, partitions, hardware and graphics. Send it to us when you’re ready to quote your design!

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Rackmount template

Rackmount enclosure dimensions
Material Type
Material Thickness - Chassis
Material Thickness - Cover
Material Thickness - Front Panel
Tip: Per industry standard, we recommend choosing a Front Panel thickness that is 2 gauges thicker than the other parts of your rackmount. For example: If your chassis and cover use an 18 Gauge metal, choose 14 Gauge for the front panel thickness.
Material Thickness - Rear Panel
Front Panel Height:
Width (inches):19"
Depth (inches):
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By default, rackmount CAD templates will have a front panel with the full U height you specified. However, the side panels and rear outside height will be 0.25” (6.35mm) shorter than the front panel. This ensures proper clearance when the rackmount enclosure is installed in a cabinet with other rackmount enclosures.

If you require a full-height rackmount chassis (i.e. you want your rackmount enclosure’s side and rear to be the same height as the front panel), adjust the dimensions once you’ve imported the template into your CAD software.

Review all of your information, and submit your template request!
How to Import DXF Template into CAD Software
How to Import STEP Templates into CAD Software