The Easiest Way to Build an NVIDIA Carter V2.0 Robot

Unleash the power of NVIDIA Isaac SDK – the open platform for intelligent robots. Build your own Carter V2.0 robot, with the help of Protocase’s fast custom manufacturing.

Carter v2.0 is the indoor mobile robot reference design platform for Isaac SDK users. It is based on Segway Robotics’ RMPLite 220 Drivetrain with integrated IMU and is very flexible allowing for additional sensors to be added and evaluated.

No design experience required. Order the Carter V2.0 hardware kit from Protocase – we’ll manufacture and ship it directly to you! Starting from $2,155.26

Carter v2.0 - Sheet Metal Parts Rev1 – Parts List

  • Base Plate
  • Body Box Cover
  • Body Box Enclosure
  • Ext Drop Box
  • Ext Drop Cover
  • Front Support
  • Lidar Guard
  • Lidar Plate
  • Side Panel Cover
  • Side Support



Do I have to provide you any CAD files for the Carter V2.0 Robotics Hardware Kit?

Nope! NVIDIA has open-sourced the hardware design for the Carter V2.0, and partnered with Protocase. We have the full hardware design already in our system ready for you to order. We will manufacture your robotics kit quickly, and ship directly to you.

Where can I find the CAD models for Carter V2.0?

You can access the OnShape CAD model for Carter V2.0 here.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide via express courier.

How much does the Carter v2.0 Robotics Hardware Kit cost?

The starting price for Carter v2.0 Robotics Hardware Kit is $2,155.26.

Am I able to customize the parts within the robotics kit, such as with a powdercoat color or adding graphics?

At this time, we are offering the Carter V2.0 as a standard product with no customizations.

How do I learn more about the NVIDIA Carter V2.0?

Click here to learn all about the NVIDIA Carter V2.0, and all of the capabilities of Isaac SDK.

Do you have any assembly instructions for Carter V2.0?

Our friends at NVIDIA have full instructions on assembling the Carter V2.0 hardware. Click here for full details.

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