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FAN CUTOUT - 50mm - Cutout.pdc
File name: FAN CUTOUT - 50mm - Cutout.pdc
Manufacturer: Generic
Part number: FAN CUTOUT - 50mm - Cutout
Width: 1.744094693982677
Height: 1.7440946939826771
Description: FAN CUTOUT - 50mm - Cutout
40mm fan cutout 3 grill pattern.pdc
File name: 40mm fan cutout 3 grill pattern.pdc
Manufacturer: None
Part number: 40mm fan cutout 3 grill pattern
Width: 1.484522
Height: 1.484519
Description: 40mm fan cutout 3 grill pattern
92mm cutout - no grill.pdc
File name: 92mm cutout - no grill.pdc
Manufacturer: 92mm cutout - no grill
Part number: 92mm cutout - no grill
Width: 3.500000
Height: 3.500000
Description: 92mm cutout - no grill
80mm cutout - no grill.pdc
File name: 80mm cutout - no grill.pdc
Manufacturer: NA
Part number: 80mm cutout - no grill
Width: 3.058278
Height: 3.060270
Description: 80mm cutout - no grill
File name: Fan80mm_Diagonals.pdc
Manufacturer: Generic
Part number: Example80mmFan2
Width: 3.053539
Height: 3.053539
Description: Protocase Custom Cutout example
File name: Fan120mm.pdc
Manufacturer: Generic
Part number: Example120mmFan
Width: 4.518586
Height: 4.518586
Description: No Description.
File name: Fan92mm.pdc
Manufacturer: Generic
Part number: Example92mmFan
Width: 3.460031
Height: 3.460031
Description: No Description.
File name: Fan80mm.pdc
Manufacturer: Generic
Part number: Example80mmFan
Width: 3.053539
Height: 3.053539
Description: No Description.
File name: Fan60mm.pdc
Manufacturer: Generic
Part number: Example60mmFan
Width: 2.239485
Height: 2.239485
Description: No Description.
File name: Fan40mm.pdc
Manufacturer: Generic
Part number: Example40mmFan
Width: 1.471709
Height: 1.471709
Description: No Description.