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Tolerances for Dimensional Variance in Sheet Metal and Machined Parts


Protocase takes great care to manufacture your electronic enclosures, parts, and components as accurately as possible. We do this by using a variety of high-quality machinery, tooling, and processes to get you the desired outcome you're looking for. However, a certain amount of dimensional variance is inherent in our processes.

Our 'tolerances' are the maximum limits for dimensional variation that we can tolerate before a part is considered out of specification.

This resource is for you to understand our dimensional variation and "what you should" expect to receive from us. Ideally, you should use this resource before designing your project. By using this resource and creating designs that are tolerant to dimensional variations of all parts, including parts you receive from Protocase, the manufacturing process of your design will run smoothly - this is the ideal situation for any designer.

Remember, these are standard tolerances. In many cases, we can tighten these up, but there's usually a cost. So, if you run into a situation where you need tighter tolerances to make your project work - please let us know. At that time, we will try to find cost-effective options for you.

When working with Protocase, please keep in mind:

  • • At Protocase, we use bilateral tolerancing (also known as symmetric tolerancing, using equal plus and minus deviations from the nominal dimension) unless otherwise noted.
  • • Allow for Protocase's tolerances in your design. Dimensional variance is something all mechanical designs must contend with. As a designer, if you carefully consider the manufacturer's tolerances when designing - you will have a greater outcome than simply designing and assuming all parts are nominal size.
  • • Protocase commits to supply parts to the dimensional tolerances noted in this resource, unless we have agreed to other tolerances when quoting your job.