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How to Choose How You Receive Your Order Notifications


Latencies at any stage of the manufacturing process can cause harm to your project and affect your organization’s success. It can especially be frustrating when there’s a delay during the quoting and ordering processes. While it’s a significant part of the entire project, you’d ideally want to focus more on the designing and manufacturing procedures.

That’s why we have Protocase My Account for you. With a few clicks, you can manage all of your new and existing projects in one place, making your workflow much less complex.

You also get some awesome features with My Account, which include: getting instant quote, checking live order statuses, reordering previous orders, scheduling blanket orders, viewing and approving E-Drawings, etc.

Emails can cause latencies too

At Protocase, customers are always #1. We know that you have a lot on your plate. Sometimes, receiving a lot of email notifications can bog down your workday. A buildup of emails can cause latencies of its own.

A laptop with a lot of email notifications.
A flood of emails in your inbox can feel overwhelming

We realize that some of you would prefer not receiving emails for every update during the ordering process (especially if your organization has multiple orders in play at once).

Now, you can choose to only receive notifications on My Account rather than getting individual emails.

What’s the change?

Our goal is to make My Account a one-stop portal for managing your quotes and orders. In our latest update, we have introduced the option for you to choose how you’d like to receive notifications.

Earlier, every update about your order found its way into your email inbox. You may have found this overwhelming. Fret not, you can now opt out and receive notifications (on the progress of your order) within My Account.

Email notifications on Protocase My Account.
You can receive order notifications within My Account

What are the different order notifications you will receive?

So, you might be wondering about the different notifications that you will receive during the ordering process through My Account. This might actually influence how you’d like to receive your notifications.

The various notifications you will receive include:

  • E-drawing (two notifications – before and after your approval)
  • Graphics (two notifications – before and after your approval)
  • Build sheets
  • When your order goes into production

How can you make your choice?

To select your preference for notifications, click on the Settings tab in My Account and you will get an option to choose between:

  • Still receiving emails about every update about your order
  • Opting out of email notification

With the second option, you will manually need to login on My Account and check for your order notifications.

Screenshot of Settings page on Protocase My Account.
You can find this option under Settings in My Account

But there might be occasions when you forget to sign into My Account. That’s when we’ll send across an email notification. This is to ensure you stay on top of the status of your order.


An important point to note before we go is that you should ensure that emails from Protocase aren’t going to a folder in your mailbox that you do not open. This will not only see you miss important updates about your order but also miss out on useful tips and tricks that our team shares every week (which includes a Tech Tip every Tuesday!).

At Protocase, we’re always striving to improve your experience while working with us. If you have any suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or email info@protocase.com. We are happy to help!

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