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Case Study


PRSPBX is an advanced business telephone system designed as a low-cost replacement for traditional bigname PBX products. With analog, digital, and VoIP versions available, it's suitable for businesses of all kinds and scalable from small office to large enterprise environments. PRSPBX supports open telephony standards and can be customized to meet the needs of offices, retail stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities, call centers, and anywhere else telephones are used for business. Designed for low maintenance and flexibility, the convertible server enclosure can be mounted on a wall, installed in a rack, or rested on a table.


"We wanted to replace our manufactured server cases with an enclosure that had versatile mounting options, good air flow, and a distinct look. We called Protocase and talked to their designers, and they did a great job of turning our concept and sketch into a working CAD model very quickly. The Protocase software made it easy to communicate our changes and comments over email, and they made smart suggestions for fitting our components. Within a week or so, we had an enclosure in hand for testing, and subsequent orders for duplicates and revisions were even faster. "- Tim Banks