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Protocase Community Giving

Protocase is proudly headquartered in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We are committed to participating in our community at the local level. In order to ensure our support impacts the Cape Breton community in a meaningful way, we support non-profit and charitable organizations with mandates that align with our identified focal areas.

What We Support

Protocase and 45Drives’ funding is driven by our Social Responsibilities, with a specific focus on the following identified vital areas of need:

  • Arts & culture
  • Healthy, active children and youths
  • Innovation and technology
  • Community beautification

How We Support

Protocase can provide support in two ways:

  • Monetary sponsorship (amount varies)
  • In-kind donations of custom metal products such as trophies, medals or signage

How to Apply

Our Community Giving Committee meets monthly (typically the second Tuesday of each month) to review funding requests. We recommend submitting your request at least one month in advance to be sure it is reviewed in time for your particular need.

Organizations that submit sponsorship requests will be notified of the committee’s decision, once requests are reviewed.

Protocase Sponsorship Examples