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Case Study


As a leading product/solution provider of Intelligent Transportation Systems (Computer Aided Dispatch, Automatic Vehicle Location, Automatic Next Stop Annunciation,etc.) for public transit throughout the United States, Avail Technologies has found ourselves wondering how to best demonstrate the technologies we deploy. While we often have multiple locations throughout the vehicle to mount various hardware components, we don’t have that luxury when demonstrating a fully functional solution that is integrated to Avail’s backend software at a customer location or industry trade show. When designing the latest demonstration platform we wanted to be sure that when Avail presented our solution, the customer would have a first-hand look at the components they would be receiving if they choose Avail Technologies as their vendor of choice. Utilizing the standard components in a typical application we designed the demonstration platform as a fully functional design that allows our customers to interact with the system just as they would in a real world environment. The silk screening on the box provides customers with a visual representation of the functions and components included in the solution.


"The Avail staff had some ideas of what they wanted this demo platform to look like, the issue was could we have it built in time for our most recent customer presentation. When doing a search for fabricated cases the staff came upon the Protocase website. Within a one week period Protocase had provided Avail with drawings for approval, built the box, powder coated, silk screened and delivered the case. Throughout the entire process the Protocase staff was patient and very helpful. The overall consensus when we received the box was that this was not going to be a one and done deal with these folks, as they have provided a level of quality that is hard to find. Since receiving the first box we have ordered three more for training stations at customer locations. " - Troy Whitesel