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Case Study


BioSense International (BSI) has introduced a new product called BDS1000. This instrument rapidly detects harmful bacteria such as E.coli in drinking water by utilizing a sophisticated optical spectrometer. There is a need in the market place for rapid detection of pathogens in water. Current methods require 18-24 hours for incubating and growing the bacteria to detectable limits. BDS1000 is capable of detecting the bacteria within 10 minutes, and can positively identify the type of bacteria (e.g. E. coli versus Salmonella) in less than 2 hours. This is a critical benefit for municipal water distribution due to public health implications. Typical customers for this product are water testing laboratories, as well as municipal water distribution facilities run by all major cities. This instrument has a powerful Windows-based computer with proprietary software and a large touchscreen monitor. The user-friendly interface leads the lab technician through the necessary steps for water sample processing.


“BSI contacted Protocase to fabricate a professional enclosure for BDS1000. The initial design was presented to Protocase in AutoCAD, which was converted to a 3D model by Protocase engineers. The speed of operation was impressive, as we received the fully detailed 3D drawing in less than a week. We found Protocase customer service and engineering team to be responsive and helpful in fine tuning certain parts of the design. In some cases we had simply left the details out and asked Protocase to figure it out. They came back with good ideas within a short time. The final product arrived in a timely manner, as promised. The quality of the finished part is outstanding for a prototype, as compared to other sheet metal shops. In fact, the quality is high enough to build pre-production instruments for sale, which is what we are planning to do. Thank you Protocase!”

-Ali Shambayati