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Case Study

BTL Inc.

This is a newly developed patent pending tattoo power supply. This power supply allows a tattoo artist to pre-set one voltage for their liner and two voltages for their shader. There are three ten turn precision potentiometers for these adjustments. Both the liner and shader machines have their own outputs. A double pedal foot switch that plugs into the four pin plug is what's used to control the unit. One pedal is used to select a desired output. LED's light up the selected output and voltage is displayed on the digital display. Once the output is selected the other pedal is used to supply power to only the selected output. This feature allows both machines to be plugged in at the same time with only one running at a time. The power supply is highly regulated for the most consistent output possible. No matter how much draw is put on the machine the voltage does not change even one hundredth of a volt. This unit was designed to eliminate the risk of cross contamination of infection from touching and adjusting their supply. This also saves the artist time and money from wasting gloves every time they have to adjust their supply.


"As someone young and inexperienced trying to develop my product and start my own business it has been a tough road. Trying to find companies that can get me what I need, how I want it and when I need it is a challenge. When it came to developing a case which I thought was going to be one of the more difficult tasks I came across the website in a search for prototyping cases. On the site I found very useful information and instant quotes on what I needed. No other web site offered this type of service. Within a week of checking out some quotes I was contacted by Protocase. I was not expecting this at all considering a lot of companies take weeks, months or never to get back to the small guy. The customer service of the Protocase staff from the beginning till the end was outstanding. They walked me through the process step by step and even helped me with the design. They sent the CAD drawings of everything to be approved before production which helped me make precise corrections of anything needed. That attention to detail is what's going to make me keep coming back for future development. Thanks to everyone at Protocase for making one of the hardest parts the easiest." - Lee Anast