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Case Study


GrayMatter's AVS-2 is an autonomous driving solution tailored directly to the needs of vehicle testing facilities. The system combines satellite navigation with proven driving algorithms to achieve a new level of precision in road testing. Combined with a robotic driving system, AVS-2 can pilot a vehicle along a designated path or perform a wide range of standard maneuvers, all without anyone in the vehicle. Built for reliability, Gray-Matter's AVS-2 is designed to work at its optimum under even the harshest of driving conditions. Adaptive control systems and intelligent process management keep your vehicle and your testing on course. Its state-of-the-art driving algorithms navigate a vehicle safely around any course, over and over again. The hardware components of AVS-2 are chosen to meet the highest of standards in performance and reliability, and each system is built for redundancy and seamless automatic failover, ensuring uninterrupted performance. Radio control allows manual positioning of the vehicle and instantaneous emergency override or stop over redundant channels.


"Our first system fit in the back of a Ford Escape. From this starting point we squeezed everything into first 3 2U rackmount boxes, then down to a single 2U rackmount box. To accomplish this we needed a precisely manufactured case quickly. Protocase was able to provide us with not only the case, but the support to make it fit properly. The small amount of time it took Protocase to produce and silkscreen the box was amazing. With Protocase's help we were able to move from a permanent system bolted in a vehicle to a very portable, rack- mountable system." - Jorge Nagel