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Case Study


Zettabyte Storage provides data backup solutions. We take a somewhat different approach to product design than is traditional. Our intent is that once the Zettabits Service is installed, our clients need never think about it, or the loss of their data, ever again. When setting out to create the enclosure for our Zettabits Professional Service, this goal influenced nearly every aspect of the design. The result is a delightfully overengineered piece of hardware. We have considered everything from heat dissipation to mechanical failure, and designed a case that will keep your data safe long after you have forgotten it in a dusty corner of your server room. Paired 80mm fans provide quiet, redundant cooling for the paired 3.5" hard disks. RAID1 ensures uninterrupted data service in the event of a disk failure while we ship the replacement zBox. A powerful hardware encryption engine ensures that client data is never left unprotected, even on the local disks. This entire technological edifice is enclosed in a formidable 14 gauge, solid steel, glossy black carapace, twice the thickness of a normal computer case. Even though your data is safely and securely backed up offsite, we believe your fast local access should also be impervious to any small incident; e.g., the collapse of your data center's roof. We take data protection seriously: from system security, to data encryption, all the way down to the physical enclosure.


"With Protocase we were able to design the perfect case for our product without having to worry about the myriad implementation details. By allowing us to focus on the important aspects of the design, Protocase enabled us to deliver a truly exceptional product. We used Protocase's focus on making small batches quickly to build and evaluate several revisions as we refined the design. Using the Protocase approach to enclosure design, we were able to build the ideal case both faster and cheaper than we would have dreamed possible. Without good support, even the best of services will be useless. We know from experience that Protocase is willing to go the extra distance for their customers. Our second prototype unit with Protocase had a minor error in the silkscreening. They got a replacement unit into production just hours after we sent them an email explaining the problem. The fixed case arrived just two days after the original and we still had enough time to meet our deadline. The end result is that we were able to deliver a better product to our customers, sooner, and at a lower cost than we believed possible." - Terrence Cole