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Protocase Partners With Inveneo for Micro-Data Center Design Challenge

Inveneo is a non-profit social enterprise that delivers the tools of technology � sustainable computing and broadband � to those who need it most in the developing world, to transform lives through better education, healthcare, economic opportunities, and faster relief.

This year marks the first-ever Micro-Data Center Design Challenge. Partnering with ARM Limited, Inveneo is seeking students, engineers, researchers and innovators to submit their design of a solar powered micro-data center that can be powered with a solar photovoltaic system, withstand intense heat and humidity, and run completely without access to standard air conditioning.

Here at Protocase, we are the experts in taking ideas and concepts and then making them into their first reality with our ultra-lean manufacturing processes.

We�re proud to lend support to Inveneo�s Micro-Data Center Design Challenge by providing expertise and resources. Additionally, Protocase will precision-fabricate the top two designs, as well as the designs of three runners-up.

Best of luck to all competing in the Inveneo�s Micro-Data Center Design Challenge! Whether you have lots of experience using CAD software for design, or are a novice, you have something to offer this competition.

As you embark on creating your chassis design for your micro-data center, here are few things to keep in mind:

Getting Started in Enclosure Design

Design Software

Protocase Designer

Our very own free downloadable 3D CAD package, it�s the simplest and easiest way to design electronic enclosures from templates � especially helpful for people who are experts in electronics and computing, but aren�t formally trained in enclosure design. The level of creativity of the Micro-Data Center Design Challenge may go beyond the template-based designs offered in Protocase Designer.


A leader in solid modeling CAD design, SolidWorks is a popular choice for designing electronic enclosures. It requires a fair amount of experience in 3D design, but works incredibly well for designing manufacturable enclosures. Try our Template Generator , a free easy-to-use tool that will build a blank enclosure for you in your chosen CAD format, including SolidWorks.


As a free 3D design software that�s simple to use, SketchUp is an excellent option for people who are new to 3D enclosure design. One word of caution � the level of creativity available in SketchUp sometimes results in 3D designs that are not actually manufacturable.

Protocase also offers the services of experienced design staff who can design enclosures for customers, starting with anything from a rough description, to components and circuit boards. Helpful for people who lack the know-how required to design their enclosure, or who are pressed for time and are too busy to take on the design work themselves. Although very helpful for many of our customers, Protocase Design Services goes beyond the scope Micro-Data Center Design Challenge.