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Protocase Goes Out of This World
with the University Rover Challenge

Members of the 2016 University Rover Challenge | Utah Desert

Each year Protocase partners with The Mars Society's University Rover Challenge competition to deliver its biggest student sponsorship ever.

Close to 100 university teams from all over the world compete in the premier robotics competition, designing and building the next generation of Mars rovers - the exact ones intended to support astronauts on future human missions to the Red Planet. Protocase's role in the competition is to assist students with the design and fabrication of parts and components for their Mars rovers.

Protocase's sponsorship of the University Rover Challenge includes:

  • Each participating URC team will receive a $2,000 (USD) credit towards custom parts manufactured by Protocase.
  • Beyond the $2,000 (USD) credit, all teams will receive a subsequent 50% discount on all additional products and services from Protocase.

If you would like to know more about this competition, or would like to take part as a partner/sponsor, please send us an e-mail:

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