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June 2023

LDG Electronics

Front view of Z-100A Tuner

It was on New Year’s Day in 1995 that The History Channel – now known as History – was launched in New York City. Later that same year, not too far away from The Big Apple, LDG Electronics introduced the automatic, wide-range switched L-turner in St. Leonard, Maryland. While the former focused on content from the past, the LDG Electronics is on the opposite end of the spectrum – an enterprise comprehensively prioritizing the present and the future.

Over the last two-and-a-half decades, LDG Electronics has brought to life innovative and cutting-edge products at reasonable prices while also providing world-class customer support. From desktop turners to baluns and switches, the Maryland-based firm produces outstanding products that satisfy amateur radio and electronics hobbyist needs. In the United States alone, they have around 250,000 active users, with their products also available across the world via various distributors.

Designing with Protocase

A little over a decade ago, LDG Electronics decided to outsource part of its R&D process to Protocase as it was a leading name in its field on the internet. It was a connection that proved to be fruitful as the Protocase was able to deliver excellent design expertise to LDG Electronics’ new product development process.

“Protocase’s 3D modeling helps us verify the product layout,” remarks Dwayne Kincaid, President and Founder of LDG Electronics.

Protocase provides cost-effective design services to its customers – it could be anything from a rough description, to components and circuit boards. It involves a simple four-step process, which begins with getting in touch with an account manager and concludes with the final CAD files, which the client owns. Protocase then typically manufactures the enclosure or parts in whatever quantity the customer requires.

LDG Electronics provides Protocase with sketches of products, and from there, a member of the Engineering & Design Services team creates the CAD design.

Rear view of Z-100A Tuner

“We start with the needs of our users, generating product ideas that fill those needs through new products or refinement of present products,” explains Kincaid. “After the first product sketches, we rely on Protocase to convert our drawings into physical prototypes and proof of concept enclosures.”

While LDG Electronics creates a vast array of products, one that is hugely popular is the Z-100A automatic antenna turner. Protocase played a massive role in bringing the product to life.

“We simply provided Protocase with drawings and a prototype PC board, and they made a case that fit perfectly,” says Kincaid.

The Z-100A is a plug-and-play tuner that works with all modern radios and can go anywhere, from desktop to parks, islands, even tall summits. The enclosure housing is a sleek L-Shape enclosure with black sandtex powdercoat and striking white silkscreen.

A Rewarding Partnership

Kincaid is appreciative of the design services provided by Protocase and recommends the same to other engineers and innovators. He feels, with high levels of responsiveness and expertise, other organizations could also benefit similarly by working with Protocase.

One of Protocase’s priorities is to ensure that communication with its customers is crystal clear and easy. This is something that has really impressed Kincaid and he gives a shoutout to his Protocase Account Manager, Jennifer Hurd, for providing top-quality customer service.

“Jenn is excellent and provides clear and responsive communications during our development process; it’s a high level of personal service,” Kincaid says. “Protocase also provides fast turnround while maintaining excellent quality at very reasonable prices.”

An Exciting Future in Store

LDG Electronics aims to continue to focus its energy and resources on what lies ahead. The company aspires to carry on building trailblazing radio products that satisfy the requirements of amateurs and hobbyists. And Kincaid and his team look forward to continue working with Protocase to achieve those goals, a partnership that has already paid rich dividends.

“LDG Electronics will continue to innovate, providing products of high and lasting value at reasonable prices for our user base,” adds Kincaid. “We hope to expand our line with new classes of products and look forward to working on them with Protocase.”