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Customer Spotlight

Jan. 2014
Innovators of Digital Media Large Format Displays from Norcross, Georgia USA
Who we are, What we do

About NanoLumens

NanoLumens® revolutionized the world of digital media with elegant, simple and energy efficient large digital display solutions. They engineer and design attractive and engaging large format digital displays in virtually any size, shape or curvature. The end result is a unique digital experience.

Due to the flexibility of their technology, NanoLumens® caters to many industries, including Architecture, Retail, Broadcast, Casinos, Public Transit and Corporate & Hospitality. Customers have the option to order from four different display families; NanoSlim, NanoCurve, NanoWrap, and Studio Pro. Check out the full product details on their website: Each product contains an extraordinary list of innovative features. The screens are flexible, allowing the digital display to be wrapped around columns or displayed in imaginative ways. The screens are lightweight, which makes them easy to assemble, dismantle and transport. There is no heat omitted from the screen as the display is powered through a 48v DC adapter; classifying the product as one of the most eco-friendly digital displays in its class. For a more detailed description of the revolutionary patented technology, check out

Along with stationary digital solutions to attract more brand awareness and advertising kudos, NanoLumens® is also a key component for team collaboration with a combination of technology, art and interactivity. NanoLumens® previously teamed with Twitter at the SXSW festival to provide attendees with one of the most interactive and digital events to date.

The Technical Process

The initial step of getting a beautiful image onto the large format display is to connect the end-users' content management system to the NanoLumens® display interface unit via high quality HDMI, DVI or equal video cord. End-users can connect their laptop, entertainment center, live feed camera etc, to the display interface unit and their content is easily displayed on the LED screen. The interface unit is connected to the large format display by a CAT5 cable which helps scale the image appropriately to the required resolution. The large format display is controlled by the display interface unit by setting the specific parameters for the custom size display.

NanoLumens Engineer Jammie Proctor briefly explains the display interface unit

Protocase's Role

Protocase manufactures various products for Nanolumen's and one example in particular is the display interface unit; a 1U 19" rackmount enclosure which acts as a controller unit for the large digital displays. The electrical architecture was initially completed by Jorge Perez-Brovo and Jammie Proctor; two of NanoLumen's electrical engineers. The mechanical work was completed by Mechanical Engineer Daniel P. Bradbury. We had the opportunity to ask Bradbury, his thoughts on the relationship with Protocase. "They have been a tremendous help getting our products into the marketplace on time". "We are a fast moving company and we stay in the fast-track, and when we get ourselves into a crunch, they have bailed us out countless times." The engineers at NanoLumens have been using Protocase's services for the past 3 years. We look forward to continuing our relationship with NanoLumens.