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Protocase manufactures fully finished custom electronic enclosures and associated parts from a wide variety of materials and components, in 2-3 days with no minimum order. Protocase also provides expert and affordable enclosure design services.

Customizable Diecast Enclosures
Customized to Your Exact Specifications in 2-3 Days


What are Customizable Diecast Enclosures?

Protocase now stocks aluminum diecast enclosures in a variety of styles and sizes, ready to be customized to your exact needs in 2-3 days, with no minimum orders.

Using the same industry-leading services our customers already depend on for fully custom machined enclosures from bar stock, our Customizable Machined Enclosures from Diecast Aluminum can be customized in the following ways:

Customized in 2-3 days, with absolutely no minimum order - that's the Protocase way.

Why Choose Customizable Diecast Enclosures?

Customizable Diecast Enclosures are ideal for people who are looking for the durability and protection of a machined enclosure, but require the most cost-effective option available. Our Customizable Diecast Enclosures are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and offer protection against dust and water.

Customizable Diecast Enclosures are the most inexpensive way to achieve your design goals for a machined enclosure, without having to start from scratch.

How to Order a Machined Enclosure from Diecast Aluminum:

  • 1. Choose your enclosure. ?
    Choose from: Standard Diecast, Watertight Light Duty and Watertight Heavy Duty.
  • 2. Download the file. ?
    We supply DXF, STP, IGS and PDF for your chosen Diecast enclosure.
  • 3. Make your desired changes. ?
    Using your CAD software of choice, or on the PDF file provided.
  • 4. Send us your customized file. ?
    Submit your finished design to your account manager or upload using Request a Quote.

To save even more time, our design services team can complete your design exactly to your specifications, for a reasonable hourly fee. Email to get started.

Choose a Diecast Aluminum Enclosure Style:

Part Number Dimensions Watertight Tolerance ZIP File
Height Width Depth
(Less Lid)
(Includes dxf, igs, stp & pdf)
1590WH 2.07" | 52.5mm 1.50" | 38mm 1.06" | 27mm Yes ± 0.020" | 0.508mm Download 1590WH
1590WG 3.94" | 100mm 1.97" | 50mm 0.83" | 21mm Yes ± 0.020" | 0.508mm Download 1590WG
1590WBB 4.67" | 119mm 3.68" | 94mm 1.18" | 30mm Yes ± 0.020" | 0.508mm Download 1590WBB
1590WV 4.70" | 120mm 4.70" | 120mm 3.54" | 90mm Yes ± 0.020" | 0.508mm Download 1590WV
1590WN1 4.77" | 121.1mm 2.60" | 66mm 1.39" | 35.3mm Yes ± 0.020" | 0.508mm Download 1590WN1
1590WKK 4.92" | 125mm 4.92" | 125mm 2.10" | 53mm Yes ± 0.020" | 0.508mm Download 1590WKK
1590WP1 6.01" | 153mm 3.24" | 82mm 1.81" | 46mm Yes ± 0.020" | 0.508mm Download 1590WP1
1590WF 7.38" | 188mm 7.38" | 188mm 2.48" | 63mm Yes ± 0.020" | 0.508mm Download 1590WF
1590WEE 7.88" | 200mm 4.73" | 120mm 3.17" | 80mm Yes ± 0.020" | 0.508mm Download 1590WEE
1590WBX 10.0" | 254mm 2.80" | 70mm 2.00" | 51mm Yes ± 0.020" | 0.508mm Download 1590WBX

Customized Watertight Light Duty Diecast Examples:

  • Diecast aluminum alloy that is rugged, yet easy to machine
  • Lap joint construction, with separate silicon gasket included, for protection against dust and water
  • Silicone rubber gasket remains flexible from -62 to +232 °C (-80 to +450 °F)
  • Designed to meet IP65
  • Low side wall draft angle (2 degrees or less) for easy PC board mounting

Draft Angle:



  • Manufacturing tolerance for the stocked diecast aluminum enclosures we offer are noted in that tables above.
  • Our standard CNC machining tolerances is ±0.005” (0.127mm). As a result, all cutouts and machined features on a single face will be ±0.005”. relative to one another only.
  • Our standard CNC machining tolerance and the manufacturing tolerance of the diecast aluminum enclosure will stack. For example, for a diecast aluminum enclosure being customized, the actual tolerance on your cutouts could be ±0.025” (±0.020” + ±0.005”), depending on how the part is set up in our machine.
  • If you require a tighter tolerance from a certain location, please be sure to relay this information to your Protocase Account Manager when requesting a quote so that our Engineering & Design Services team can be made aware.
  • For example, if you require a tolerance of ±0.005 from the right edge of a face, the “leftover” tolerance would be applied relative to the left side of the face, which would mean the tolerance would be ±0.025” from the left side.
  • Note: Leftover tolerances can only be applied to one of two perpendicularly opposed edges on a face. (For example, this tight tolerance rule could be applied to the top and right edge, but not the left and right edges).
  • The way in which we choose what edge to reference is arbitrary. If you need to have a tolerance tighter than ±0.025” from any edge, please let your Protocase Account Manager know.