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The information below is intended to be helpful for customers who wish to learn more about enclosure design. Also, please use our online support if you have questions for our expert design staff.


Protocase Tech Tip Video Series

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Guide to CNC Materials

O-Rings for Custom Enclosures

Basics of CNC Machining

CNC Corner Radius

Cutting Costs with CNC Machining

Customizable Diecast Enclosures

Helical Inserts

Hybrid Enclosures

CNC Minimum Wall Thickness

Most Common Minor CNC Modifications

Lead Time and Complexity for CNC Machining

CNC Milled Features

CNC Threaded Features

The Basics of CNC Turning

Different Flange Positions inside SolidWorks

Sheet Metal Louvers

8 Ways to Minimize Costs

How to Transfer Enclosure Designs in Protocase Designer

Guide to Enclosure Styles

heet Metal Louvers Update

Sheet Metal Step Bends

Custom Copper Bus Bars

L-Shape versus U-Shape Enclosures

Custom Sheet Metal Bracket Guide

Self-Clinching Fasteners and Material Compatibility

Custom Rackmount Enclosures

What Does No Minimum Order Mean?

Blanket Orders

E-Drawings Approval Process

How to Care for Your Enclosures and Parts

New Leadtime Options

How the Ordering Process Works

E-Drawings in My Account

How to Design Vent Slot Cutouts As Quickly As Possible

Aligning Objects in Protocase Designer

Adding Rubber Feet in Protocase Designer

Protocase Designer Graphics Library

Show Coordinates Tool in Protocase Designer

Creating Circular Gauges in Protocase Designer

How to Precisely Move Objects in Protocase Designer

Notching Cutouts in SolidWorks and Protocase Designer

Creating Fillets in Protocase Designer

Quoting and Ordering Partial Designs in Protocase Designer

Creating Custom Cutouts in Protocase Designer

Building a Retro Arcade Console in Protocase Designer

How to Transfer Enclosure Designs in Protocase Designer

How to Distribute Objects in Protocase Designer

3D Dimensioning

Creating a Hinged 5-Sided Enclosure in Protocase Designer

Drawer Slides for Rackmount Enclosures in Protocase Designer

Grouping Objects and Saving in Protocase Designer

Hinged Doors in Protocase Designer

How to Lock Objects in Protocase Designer

Chemical Conversion Coating VS Passivation

Powdercoat Colors and Classifications

Powdercoat Quick Hits (*Note the Description Below*)

Laser Marking

Tin Plating for Copper

Bare Metal Finishes

Powdercoat Textures (Gloss vs Matte vs Sandtex)

Standard Masking vs Custom Masking

Epoxy vs Polyester Powdercoat

Anodizing Your Custom Enclosures and Parts

Conductivity Tips for Custom Enclosures

Part Marking

Graphics: Digital Print vs Silkscreen

Graphics: Raster VS Vector Files


Serif vs Sans Serif Fonts for Graphics

Inserting Self-Clinching Fasteners into your Design

Self-Clinching Fasteners

Concealed vs Flush Self-Clinching Fasteners

Sliding Rails for Rackmount Enclosures

Rubber Feet

Expediting Your Quote

Handles for Your Custom Enclosures

Hinges for Your Custom Enclosure

Custom Cut Gaskets

Self-Clinching Stud vs Self-Clinching Standoff

Choosing the Right Length Stud or Standoff

Minimizing the Appearance of Fastener Heads

Self-Clinching Fasteners and Material Compatibility

Why You Need to Use the SolidWorks Pack and Go Feature

Understanding Minimum Bend Dimensions


Incorporating Plastics into Your Design

Custom Extruded Aluminum Enclosures

Design Services

Basic Sheet Metal Design Tips

Frequently Asked Questions: Bending Process

Why You Shouldn't Dimension to a Bend Line

Overriding Bend Parameters in SolidWorks

Designing for HEM Bends

Designing for Internal Bends

Notching Cutouts in SolidWorks and Protocase Designer

Using Notching for Cutouts Close to a Bend

How to Use the SolidWorks End Condition Feature

Closed Corners in Solidworks

Bend Radii and Mating Fillets

Move Face Feature in SolidWorks

Why We Use Fillets

Corner Treatment in SolidWorks (And Why You Shouldn't Use it In Your Design)

New and Improved Template Generator

Why We Use Cold Metal Transfer Welding

Types of Welding