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The information below is intended to be helpful for customers who wish to learn more about enclosure design. Also, please use our online support if you have questions for our expert design staff.


Technical Papers

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How To Design Enclosures For Motherboard Based Systems

Read our detailed overview on how to design custom enclosures for ATX and mini-ITX motherboards. The CAD files contain associated drawings in 2D and 3D.

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The Basics of Enclosure Design

Whether you design your enclosure from scratch or make use of one of our simple template based design, knowing the basics of enclosure design will make your work easier.

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What To Do When Cutouts and Other Components Need to Be Placed Closed to a Bend

We have a general rule of thumb for placing cutouts - make sure the edge of a cutout is no closer than one minimum bend radius from a bend. But what about when you absolutely must place your cutouts close to a bend? There are some solutions you can employ.

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L-SHAPE or U-SHAPE - when and why to choose one style over the other

Are you wondering how to design an enclosure which has DB connectors protruding from two sides? More importantly, what would you do if the DB connectors are protruding from opposite sides?

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Designing Enclosures to Fit PCB's

Many electrical designers are familiar with the principles of designing and procuring printed circut boards (PCB's) But what about designing the enclosure that perfectly accommodates those printed circuit boards?

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Silkscreening and Digital Printing

Silkscreening, also known as screen-printing or serigraphy, is a printing technique that involves passing ink through a porous fabric, thus creating a sharp-edged single-color image created from a stencil. In digital printing, colors are created by blending various densities of small droplets of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

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