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Proto Tech Tip: Handles for Your Custom Enclosure


Every week, Team Protocase is bringing you a Proto Tech Tip video, where we’ll give an informative look at a particular aspect of sheet metal fabrication and CNC Machining.

This week, Cody from our Engineering & Design Services team is back to give a rundown on handles for your custom enclosure.

Watch the full video below – or, if you’d prefer to read his Proto Tech Tip, we’ve got the full transcription below the video.

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Hi everyone, Cody here from Protocase with another Tech Tip. Today it’s all about handles. We offer multiple sizes of handles for your enclosures to make removing and handling a little easier.

We have three simple sizes: small, medium and large. These vary in size and mounting style, but we also stock oval size handles that can be mounted on your enclosures or panels as well.

So what’s the difference? If you’re using these on your rackmount face plates like I have in front of me here, you would use a small handle on any size up to 2U. You would use a medium handle on 2U and up and you would move into a large handle with 5U and up.

These handles are not limited to rackmount face plates but can also be used on other types of enclosures as well. Both small and medium handles require a fastener to be installed from the backside of the panel. The handles are threaded and accept the screws. The small handles take a 6-32 and the medium handles taken 8-32.

The large handles actually have a piece on the front that pops off and allows you to screw through them into a self-clinching fastener on the backside. These handles take a 10-32 self-clinching fastener, which Protocase can install for you.

Feel free to check out our website for more information regarding these handles. We put some direct links in the description below. Also be sure to check out our blog which outlines many
other technical tips or just send us an email at info@protocase.com.

Thanks for watching this week’s video. I hope you found it helpful. Please be sure to tune in next week for another Proto Tech Tip.

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