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The information below is intended to be helpful for customers who wish to learn more about enclosure design. Also, please use our online support if you have questions for our expert design staff.


Frequently Asked Questions


What types of metal do you offer?

Protocase manufactures enclosures, parts and components from virtually any metal. Standard stock materials include aluminum, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanneal, perforated sheet metal and copper, as well as various bar stock. See our Materials, Components, and Finishes page for more information.

Am I limited to the materials/components stated on your website?

No, you are not. We are happy to ordering additional materials for special orders; however this may result in additional lead time and increased cost.

Can I use copper in my design?

We stock copper alloy C110, which is a general purpose copper designated in ASTM Standard B152. C110 has very high conductivity along with exceptional formability, and is thus ideally suited for electrical and electronic applications. Copper is most commonly used in copper bus bars, as well in other applications. View our Copper web page for more information.

Do you work with plastics?

We can work with plastics in terms of our CNC machining, or by installing clear windows on a custom sheet metal enclosure. We stock acrylic and acetal. For more information, please email

Do you work with abrasive materials?

Currently, we do not machine abrasive materials, as the risk for potentially damaging our machines is too high.

How can I clean my Protocase-made enclosures, panels and parts?

You may use isopropyl on a lint-free cotton rag, or isopropyl wipes, as isopropyl will not harm or wear away powdercoat and ink. Do not use abrasive materials, including paper towel, or any other types of cleaners.

Do you offer extruded aluminum in heights greater than 1U?

Yes, we also offer 2U extruded aluminum, which is 3.47" (88.138mm) high. Learn more on our Extruded Aluminum page.

Do you offer 3D printing?

Yes, we do. Learn more about Protocase’s 3D Printing Division.