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Our Favorite 2022 Proto Tech Tip Videos


Over the past year, we’ve covered *many* topics in our Proto Tech Tips. We polled members of the team, and asked them to pick their favorite 2022 Proto Tech Tip videos.

As we say goodbye to 2022, let’s look at Team Protocase’s top 10 videos of the year.

#1. CAD Template Price Estimator

“I love this video because it has really relevant and helpful information. Customers often ask if they can get a rough price estimate, then tweak the design themselves. The new price estimator on the CAD Template Generator gives you control and an idea of what the cost will be.”

Robert Lee, Protocase Account Manager

#2. Machining Tooling Guide

“This would be my pick for favorite Proto Tech Tip of the year. Tooling is a critical part of our customers’ designs, but it’s not usually considered. I love the points covered in this video about manufacturability due to the tooling we have available.”

Kyle MacDonald, Protocase Account Manager

#3. Protocase Designer 6 Launch

Protocase Designer 6 was a big project for the Protocase Designer team. You can tell how excited Coady was in this one, and I think he did great job going over the new features and interface of PD 6.”

Matt Pyne, Lead Software Developer

#4. Adding Strength to a Sheet-Metal Part

“I think the practicality of the tip is why I liked it so much. Not all of our customers are familiar with every aspect of sheet-metal design – and this tip does a great job to explain what simple little things can be done to a design to make it way more functional!.”

Jordan Rose, Machining Department Lead Engineer

#5. Digital Print Resolution Options

“This is my top Proto Tech Tip of the year. It’s an awesome breakdown of our two digital print resolution options, and how to make the best choice based on your specific needs.”

Bolat Ikhsanov, R&D Mechanical Engineer

#6. Aluminum MIC-6 Plate

“I picked this Proto Tech Tip because it gives a solid overview of internal stresses and why it’s a crucial part of the machining process. MIC-6 is an awesome option for thin, flat parts and this video really shows why.”

Cody Cecchetto, Engineering & Design Services Manager

#7. Vent Patterns – Protocase Designer Pro Tip

“I picked this video because it’s a great intro into Protocase Designer 6, and Dean has some really awesome tips for using Protocase Designer that you should have in your back pocket to make your designing even smoother!”

– Jonathan MackInnon, Protocase Account Manager

#8. Dos and Don’ts for Graphics

“This is my favorite! It gives a nice education on graphics. Customers are often coming to us for sheet-metal parts and enclosures, but they aren’t always familiar with the graphics terminology and what is required for us to process their orders quickly.”

Janelle Jessome, Engineering & Design Services Manager

#9. Basics of CNC Turning

“This one is my personal favorite Proto Tech Tip this year. It was something I did not have as much knowledge on, due to focusing on CNC milling and sheet metal production moreso. I think Jordan did an awesome job of explaining all the basics and that I got an excellent base to build from.”

Joe Milburn, Marketer

#10. Converting Design Files to Sheet Metal

“I like this one a lot because it helps explain why files need to be converted. I get this question a lot from customers, and it’s helpful to have this as a resource!”

Laura Lee Prince, Protocase Account Manager

And that’s a wrap for 2022. We hope you enjoyed this year’s Proto Tech Tips and look forward to bringing you some new tips in 2023. 

Which of the 2022 Proto Tech Tip videos were your favorite? Tell us in the comments, or share your picks on YouTube.

From all of us at Team Protocase, we want to wish you all a very happy new year. 


Thanks for watching! 

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