Protocase Resources

The information below is intended to be helpful for customers who wish to learn more about enclosure design. Also, please use our online support if you have questions for our expert design staff.


Fabrication Tolerances for Dimensional Variance in Sheet Metal and Machined Parts

Graphic Tolerances

To apply graphics to your projects, we use either digital printing or silkscreening. As with everything in the manufacturing process, there are always some variance between parts and images.

We use an X,Y and angular micro-adjust, which allows for a respectable tolerance of ± 0.020" (0.51mm) - this is more than adequate for most applications. However, there are certain situations that are much more sensitive to disparation. In those cases, please contact us so we can discuss your options.

Digital Printing
Using aerospace laser alignment technology, we are able to manually position and optically align parts and enclosures on our flatbed to print with registration of ± 0.020" (0.51mm) between part cutouts and print pattern.

Process Tolerance
Silkscreen Positional ± 0.020" | 0.51mm
Digital Printing Positional ± 0.020" | 0.51mm

We strive for excellence with the goal of reducing Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and achieving consistency with all silkscreening and digital print. However, due to some constraints of our facility, there may be minor blemishes on parts. These blemishes are not distinguishable or seen from an arm’s length away.