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The information below is intended to be helpful for customers who wish to learn more about enclosure design. Also, please use our online support if you have questions for our expert design staff.


Fabrication Tolerances for Dimensional Variance in Sheet Metal and Machined Parts

CNC Machining Tolerances

We specify a standard dimensional tolerance of ± 0.005" for CNC machined parts. However, it is possible to achieve a tighter tolerances on our routers, lathes, 3-axis mills and 5-axis mills. If you require a tighter tolerance, please contact us, as tighter tolerances may increase the cost of your project and have to be clearly defined upon ordering.

Using a thinner sheet metal in CNC machining may require CNC jigs to be used - this may add a cost to your design build. Talk to your account manager about your options - they will confer with our engineering and design services team about your options.

Milled Part
Lathe Part
CNC Process Tolerance
Lathe ± 0.005" | 0.13mm
Router ± 0.005" | 0.13mm
Router (Cutting Gaskets) ± 0.030" | 0.762mm
3-Axis Milling ± 0.005" | 0.13mm
5-Axis Milling ± 0.005" | 0.13mm
Engraving ± 0.005" | 0.13mm
Surface Roughness (Finish) 125RA