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Fabrication Tolerances for Dimensional Variance in Steel Bar Stock and Machined Parts

Standard Tolerances For Cold Rolled Steel Bar Stock

Usually, choosing material thickness is one of the first steps a designer takes when starting a project. We work with nominal thicknesses, so it's important to know the thickness tolerance on the material you chose, in order to know if the final product will be suitable for your application. It's also important when working with bar stock that you factor in finish tolerances. For example, if you add a finish such as powdercoat, you add more thickness - this should be factored into your design at the beginning.

Stocked Cold Rolled Steel ROUND Bar Stock

Specified Thickness Alloy Tolerance
1" | 25.4mm Grade 1018 ± 0.002" | 0.051mm
2" | 50.8mm Grade 1018 ± 0.003" | 0.08mm