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Protocase manufactures fully finished custom electronic enclosures and associated parts from a wide variety of materials and components, in 2-3 days with no minimum order. Protocase also provides expert and affordable enclosure design services.


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Acetal is an engineering thermoplastic with high tensile strength, stiffness and fatigue endurance. It has a high resistance to moisture, organic solvents, and lubricants. Its stability is excellent and exhibits low friction and excellent abrasion resistance.

Acetal's resistance to creep is excellent, which is important in parts incorporating self-threading screws. It has good electrical properties making it perfect for electrical applications requiring long-term stability. Acetal retains much of its toughness through a broad temperature range.

Acetal can be machined to create a high variety of parts and components.

Here at Protocase, we stock both Copolymer Acetal and Delrin® (Homopolymer Acetal).




We have the ability to tap Acetal and to install fasteners. We do not carry any stocked fasteners for plastics, but it is possible to order them on request, for additional lead time and cost.

If you do choose to tap this material, it is recommended to use a coarse pitched thread over a fine pitched thread. A more cost-effective option for installing fasteners would be to install self-clinching nuts or studs into the mating metal parts, which could be screwed into. If you do decide to go with a threaded insert, PennEngineering & Manufacturing Corp has a large variety of sizes available.

Stocked Sheets for Acetal

Acetal Copolymer

Stocked in 24" X 48" | 609.6 mm x 1219.2 mm sheets

Type Thickness ASTM Standard Thickness Tolerance
Black Acetal 0.187" | 4.76 mm +0.025" / -0.000"
Black Acetal 0.250" | 6.350 mm +0.025" / -0.000"
Black Acetal 0.500" | 12.70 mm +0.025" / -0.000"
Black Acetal 0.750" | 19.05 mm +0.025" / -0.000"

Acetal Homopolymer

Type Dimensions & ASTM Standard Thickness Tolerance
Black Delrin® Bar 1” (+0.05/-.000) x 1” (+0.09/-.000) x 120” [25.4mm x 25.4mm x 3048mm]
Black Delrin® Bar 2” (+0.05/-.000) x 4” (+0.09/-.000) x 120” [50.8mm x 101.6mm x 3048mm]

Please note: Our suppliers have provided the material data above, with the nominal thicknesses based on industry standards.