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Protocase manufactures fully finished custom electronic enclosures and associated parts from a wide variety of materials and components, in 2-3 days with no minimum order. Protocase also provides expert and affordable enclosure design services.


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Protocase stocks a wide variety of hardware items that enhance the functionality of electronics enclosures. If we don't stock it, we can usually obtain just about any item that you may wish to utilize in your design. We've listed a few of the most common items in this Hardware section below for your convenience. If you have questions regarding details or availability of hardware items, please email us at and we'll respond to you quickly.

Rubber Feet

Rubber feet help protect benchtops, increase friction to prevent slipping, deaden sound, and generally improve the feel of your enclosure. We have four common styles, small, medium, large, and taper. Choose by considering size, weight, and interior space. For normal enclosures, small feet are suitable for enclosures under 10" (254mm), medium feet for enclosures under 15" (381mm), and large for enclosures greater than 15" (381mm). We don't recommend taper feet unless there is no room to accommodate attachment studs and nuts required by small, medium or large feet.

Enclosure Hardware: Rubber Feet

Recommended Clearance holes:

The following information around recommended clearance holes is only relevant if you are fastening rubber feet with a hex nut inside your enclosure, rather than using a self-clinching nut fastener.

Type Stud Clearance hole
Small 6-32 0.160" (4mm)
Medium 8-32 0.188" (4.75mm)
Large 10-24 0.210" (5.4mm)


Taper feet attach via adhesive (we generally ship them unattached, and you put them in place when you receive your enclosure. For proper adhesion, we recommend you only use them with non-textured powdercoat.