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Protocase manufactures fully finished custom electronic enclosures and associated parts from a wide variety of materials and components, in 2-3 days with no minimum order. Protocase also provides expert and affordable enclosure design services.

Materials Components Finishes & Marking    

Bare Metal Finish

Protocase offers three basic bare finishes for aluminum and stainless steel "No Finish", "Grained Finish" and "Vibratory Finish".

No Finish

About No Finish:

  • Part is de-burred with no additional finishing
  • No added cost
  • Best economics for functional parts that will not be on display
  • This is not 'decorative' in anyway
  • Minor surface scratches, swirl marks and blemishes are to be expected

Grained Finish

About Grained Finish:

  • Part is de-burred, and then given a specific linear grain direction via brushing
  • Applied to sheet metal parts before bending
  • Can only be applied to accessible flat exterior faces on machined parts
  • Aesthetically superior option for bare finish for parts or enclosures that will be displayed
  • Can be silkscreened but not digitally printed

Vibratory Finish

About Vibratory Finish:

  • Smooths and imparts random finish via tumbling in abrasive medium
  • Excellent for machined parts
  • Great option for a random (non-directional) bare metal finish
  • Maximum part size is 10"L x 10"W x 10"H
  • Rolls over corners very well