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Bright Electroless Tin

Tin Plating for Copper

Protocase is pleased to offer Tin Plating for Copper. Tin plate is applied to copper to improve corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and solderability.

Bright Electroless Tin Plating for Copper

What is it?

The Tin Plating process is a simple immersion technique that deposits pure tin onto copper.

Bright Electroless Tin is a well-developed formulation based upon the reduction characteristics of chelated tin in the divalent state. Under proper conditions, reduction to pure tin occurs readily. A grain-refining agent, free of phosphorus, is present, as well as an activator and buffers for pH control.

The deposited tin has many favorable properties:

  1. fine-grain tin structure
  2. Good chemical resistance
  3. Excellent adhesion
  4. Highly resistant to corrosion, even under exposure to humidity and salt-spray
  5. Highly solderable

Regulatory Compliance

If you require ROHS and REACH-compliancy, please contact us


The finish color ranges from bright to a dark, matte gray. This is dependent upon material thickness, age of tin solution, and dipping time.

Lead Times

Tin Plating is completed off-site via a third-party supplier. This means there is additional lead time.

For large quantities, please contact your Protocase account manager to discuss your order.

Size Restrictions

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