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Protocase manufactures fully finished custom electronic enclosures and associated parts from a wide variety of materials and components, in 2-3 days with no minimum order. Protocase also provides expert and affordable enclosure design services.

Lift Off Hinges

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Protocase has a variety of hinges in stock. Including a hinged door or lid gives you easy access to everything on the inside of your enclosure. If you have questions regarding hinges for electronic enclosures, please email us at and we'll respond to you quickly.

This narrow, block shaped hinge will be useful if there is limited space on your enclosure. The pin is connected to the frame leaf and mates into the door leaf. This makes it easy to remove the door or lid, without removing the pin. This hinge has 4 mounting holes which are hidden when the hinge is closed. In the closed position, the lift off hinge has a range of motion of 180 degrees. The hinges are reversible, and therefore will work with both right and left handed doors. The hinge has a black power coat finish and both the leaves and the pin are die cast zinc.



Lift off Hinges