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Self Clinching Blind-Threaded Fasteners

CNC Milling: Self-Clinching Fasteners

Self-Clinching fasteners (commonly known as PEM® brand self-clinching fasteners, which is a trademark of PennEngineering & Manufacturing Corp) are threaded nuts, studs, or standoffs that are mechanically pressed into metal to provide solid fastening points. Machined parts generally use blind-hole PEM® brand self-clinching fasteners (whereas sheet metal is generally used with through-hole PEM® brand self-clinching fasteners).

Inserting PEM® brand self-clinching fasteners into blind holes has the extra benefit of a smooth finish on the opposite sides of sheet metal after the fastener is installed. These PEMS® can be used in sheet metal as thin as 0.075" (1.90mm).

Protocase stocks the following PEM® brand self-clinching fasteners for blind milled holes:

  • CSS-440-3
  • CSS-440-4
  • CSS-440-5
  • CSS-440-6
  • CSS-440-8
  • CSS-632-4
  • CSS-632-5
  • CSS-632-6
  • CSS-632-8
  • CSS-832-4
  • CSS-M3-8
  • CHA-440-4
  • CHA-440-8
  • CHA-632-4
  • CHA-632-8
  • CHC-440-12
  • CHC-440-4
  • CHC-440-6
  • CHC-440-8
  • CHC-632-4
  • CHC-632-6
  • CHC-632-8
  • CHC-632-12
  • CHC-632-16
  • CHC-832-6
  • CHC-832-8
  • CHC-832-12

Concealed fasteners for blind features are ideal when:

  • • Outside surface finish is important
  • • Metal is too thick for other stocked PEM® brand self-clinching fasteners
  • • Where protecting from air, liquid, or dust is extremely important