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Protocase manufactures fully finished custom electronic enclosures and associated parts from a wide variety of materials and components, in 2-3 days with no minimum order. Protocase also provides expert and affordable enclosure design services.


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Protocase stocks a wide variety of hardware items that enhance the functionality of electronics enclosures. If we don't stock it, we can usually obtain just about any item that you may wish to utilize in your design. We've listed a few of the most common items below for your convenience. If you have questions regarding details or availability of hardware items, please email us at and we'll respond to you quickly.

Cam Locks

A cam lock is a mechanism that can be mounted on your enclosure design in order to latch shut and lock your enclosure. Also referred to as a cam latch, cam locks are particularly useful for five-sided enclosure. Typically, a five-sided enclosure’s cover is placed on hinges, and the cam lock can be turned to latch the lid shut to the base..

Cam locks come with either a straight or offset latch, as well as keyed and no-locking options, depending on your needs.

Cam Lock Examples:

Stocked Cam Locks

Here at Protocase, we stock several types of cam locks:

Part Name Part Number Hole Diameter Maximum Material Thickness Keyed Cam Style Material
Miniature Cam Lock Keyed Diff 11125A11 0.5" | 12.7mm 0.375 " | 9.525mm Y Straight, Reversible Offset Nickel-Plated Zinc
Miniature Keyed Alike Cam Locks 11125A12 0.5" | 12.7mm 0.375 " | 9.525mm Y Straight, Reversible Offset Nickel-Plated Zinc
Washdown Wing-Handle Cam Latches 12265A57 0.875" | 22.225mm 0.313 " | 7.938mm N Straight, Non-reversible Offset Black Painted Zinc
Miniature Circular-Keyway Cam Lock 13515A64 0.5" | 12.7mm 0.563" | 14.288mm Y Straight, Reversible Offset Chrome-Plated Brass
Zinc Keyed Cam Lock 1770A321 0.75" | 19.05mm 0.234" |5.953mm Y Straight, Reversible Offset Zinc
Wing-Handle Cam Latch 1820A21 0.75" | 19.05mm 0.25" | 6.35mm N Straight, Reversible Offset Nickel-Plated Zinc

If you require a cam lock that we do not stock, contact us, as we can source the component for you. These components may need to be ordered in a minimum quantity, are subject to vendor availability and may extend manufacturing lead times.

Design Tips & Constraints

Cam locks have a maximum material thickness for the metal into which it’s being mounted. Refer to the table above for the maximum material thickness in the table above of stocked cam locks to ensure your design falls within these requirements.

Ensure your latching distance for your cam lock will reach the joining part. This distance largely depends on the latch style of the cam lock you select.

Want to save time? Design a five-sided enclosure with a hinged lid and cam lock in Protocase Designer, or use our Template Generator to create an initial five-sided enclosure with hinged lid and cam lock CAD starting point that you can then customize in your own CAD software of choice.